Simon Greenhill
PhD candidate at UC Berkeley
sgreenhill at berkeley dot edu

I am a PhD candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley and a Doctoral Fellow in the Global Policy Laboratory, advised by Joseph Shapiro and Solomon Hsiang. I am an environmental economist with interests in climate change impacts, environmental regulation, and quantitative social science applications of machine learning and remote sensing. Prior to graduate school, I was a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Energy Policy Institute at UChicago, where I worked in the Climate Impact Lab. Before that, my undergraduate studies were in economics and Arabic, also at UC Berkeley. To learn more about my work, please view my CV.


Simon Greenhill , Hannah Druckenmiller , Sherrie Wang , David Keiser , Manuela Girotto , Jason Moore , Nobuhiro Yamaguchi , Alberto Todeschini , Joseph Shapiro
Economics Chapter, Fifth National Climate Assessment, 2023.
Solomon Hsiang , Simon Greenhill , Jeremy Martinich , Monica Grasso , Rudy M. Schuster , Lint Barrage , Delavane Diaz , Harrison Hong , Carolyn Kousky , Toan Phan , Marcus Sarofim , Wolfram Schlenker , Benjamin Simon , Stacy Sneeringer

Work in progress

Mapping over 100 variables using an image of Earth (Submitted).
Jonathan Proctor , Tamma Carleton , Trinetta Chong , Taryn Fransen , Simon Greenhill , Jessica Katz , Hikari Murayama , Luke Sherman , Jeanette Tseng , Hannah Druckenmiller , Solomon Hsiang
Preparing the Economy for Climate Change (Submitted).
Simon Greenhill , Solomon Hsiang , Clare Balboni , Lint Barrage , Ian Bolliger , Judson Boomhower , Delavane Diaz , Hannah Druckenmiller , Teevrat Garg , Miyuki Hino , Harrison Hong , Carolyn Kousky , Jeremy Martinich , Ishan Nath , Kimberly Oremus , Jisung Park , Toan Phan , Jonathan Proctor , Will Rafey , Marcus Sarofim , Wolfram Schlenker , Benjamin Simon , Stacy Sneeringer